Playing backgammon

Playing backgammon

The game of backgammon can be challenging to understand and learn at the beginning. It requires time and effort on the part of the beginner but it also rewards very once you have finally cracked this backgammon code.

It is good that every player starting backgammon know what his goal or goal is in backgammon. The goal of backgammon is to get all of your 15 controllers off the backgammon board. The first player who gets out of all his controllers will be the winner.

To start, roll matrix one of the two backgammon players. The numbers must be different or they must roll the matrix again. The player with the highest number goes first and uses the two numbers of the matrices to move his controllers. The backgammon players then throw the two dice alternately. The result is considered as a matrix controller motion or a motion with the sum of the two matrices. If a double is raised, or the same number is on both dies, it is counted as four moves.

The backgammon player’s controllers can be moved to a point with his controllers on it or a point with a spot, or an opposition controller. Two backgammon opposition checkers can not occupy the same point so the spot will be hit or removed and placed on the bar.

When two or more backgammon controllers occupy a point then this is a possessed point. There is no specific maximum number of backgammon controllers on a point. The backgammon opposition player is allowed to move beyond that point but he can not occupy it. A perfection is when there are a certain number of points with the same controllers on a ranking. Full perfection is when there are six points in a ranking. A backgammon perfection completely effectively blocks the other backgammon player movement. This is only stopped when the full perfection is broken.

Blow spots are placed in the bar or divider separating the home board from the outer board. Controllers placed in the backgammon bar can not be played and so are the other controllers. It is only when the backgammon player manages to remove his controller from the bar by rolling the dice and placing his controller on the opposition player’s home board he gets to play his other controllers. If the opponent has a full perfection then it is almost impossible to get the controller off the bar. The turn goes back to the opponent. A point must be opened before he could proceed.

Players can start to support off or remove their controllers once each of the 15 controllers is in his home board.

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